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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q - Is there a monthly charge for the Success Summit App? 

A - We currently offer VIP Yearly Subscription as well as a VIP Monthly Subscription for the Animal Wellness Summit.  We are now entering our 3rd annual edition of the AWS.  We already have a library of 119 presentations from the 2017 & 2018 Animal Wellness Summits.  We will be adding at least another 50 presentations when the 2019 AWS goes live, online November 7th thru 16th, 2019. 
You can see more paid package details here at

Once you’re a VIP subscriber, you’ll have access to all 119 presentations from the 2017 & 2018 Animal Wellness Summits - available to you at the touch of your fingertips! The Success Summit App with the AWS content is loaded with all of this great content as well. You can access all of these presentation through your computer and/or your mobile device.  

Q - What is the difference between the Flash Drive option and the VIP Subscription?

A - On each Flash Drive/USB is the content from only 1 year.  With the 2017 Animal Wellness Summit Flash Drive you will get only the 2017 content; the videos, audio and transcripts. With the 2018 Animal Wellness Summit Flash Drive you will get only the 2018 content; the videos, audio and transcripts.  And the same will apply once the 2019 AWS Flash Drive becomes available.  This is a portable USB and no internet is required to view your content. As long as you have this Flash Drive, you will be able to access the content any time, anywhere for life. 

The VIP Yearly/Monthly Subscription allows online access through your computer, along with our very cool Success Summit App. This gives you access to ALL previous content, as well as future Animal Wellness Summit content. (That's right, once the 2019 AWS has wrapped up, you will have access to those presentations as well.)  For the Yearly Subscription and the price you purchase at now is the renewal price in 12 months. This subscription renews automatically each year.  For the Monthly Subscription, the subscription renews each month until you send us an email to cancel.  This package requires an internet connection. You can download presentations to your mobile device when on WiFi and them watch them later to avoid using up cellular data. With the App, you can listen anytime, anywhere, on the GO!

Q - I purchased the VIP Yearly Subscription though what happens after the 12 months is up? Will I still have access?

A - This subscription renews automatically each year at the same price that you originally purchased it at.  Do nothing and your subscription renews for another year.  Approximately 30 days before your renewal date, we will reach out by email and remind you that your subscription is coming due for renewal. In that email you will have the option to renew by paying in full for the year or switching to the Monthly Subscription.  Alternately, you can send us an email to let us know that you do not want to renew your subscription.  When you renew, you will continue to have access to all past Animal Wellness Summits as well as the next upcoming Summit!  You renew at the same great price and we just keep adding more content!

Q - Will I be able to use the App on my computer?

A - Great question. At this point no, we have not developed a “Web Based App” as of yet. The App we have developed will be available to download on any device that can access the Apple “App Store” and the Google “Play Store”. If there is sufficient demand in the future for a “Web Based App” we will certainly consider developing and releasing that at the right time. Please email us at to let us know if this interests you and we will place you on our notification list when/and/or/if it becomes a reality.

However, you will have access to our Membership Site to all of the 119 presentations using the same login credentials or username/password you were given during  Free Viewing Access to the Summit. You can access this website or membership from anywhere, anytime and on any computer. You will need an internet connection.

Q - How do I access the App now that I have purchased the VIP Subscription?

A - After your purchase has been completed, we will send you an email including instructions on how to install the App and details for use. We have also created a short video tutorial and include the link for that in the email.

Q- Is the App a separate purchase from the Subscription?

A - No it isn’t. The our VIP Yearly/Monthly Subscription includes access to our Membership Site along with the use of our Success Summit App. This is the best of both worlds, use your computer or the App.

Q - Just need clarification that I will be able access the content by website. I understand that the App is not web based and I do not have a good data plan to access the content on my phone.   I am hoping that the information is available on the website system still. I thought I read that it was when I made the choice of which package but now with the email that just came it sounds like I only have access through the App.

1) You will be able to access all of the Animal Wellness Summit content by simply logging into our Membership site with your user name and password.  Just to be clear - the access & viewing of all the videos is available on the website.  We don't have the "Sharing Permissions or Capabilities" set up on the website like what's on the App however.

2) The App will enable you to Download the content to your phone while on WiFi - so you can listen while your phone is NOT on cellular data. This means it doesn't matter how good your data package is - you won't even have to use any if you do it that way!  Please understand that when you download something to your mobile device, it means that you are transferring data from a website or network, saving that information on your tablet, or mobile device.  This data is available only to view, listen to, or read through the App on your mobile device.  It doesn't mean that you save the data on your mobile device.

3) This means you'll have the best of BOTH worlds. You can access the content through the App, but you can also access it through our Membership Site with your login details provided in the email we sent you.

If you have questions, please email us at
or call 1.877.577.7544 Ext 2 or 0
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